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About Standard Educational Furniture

Standard Educational Furniture (SEF) is a trusted brand and the biggest educational furniture manufacturer in kerala. We have an exclusive 3000 ft.² display showroom owner factory compound providing new outlook among the class room furniture segment.

About Standard Educational Furniture

SEF ensures high quality products by realizing the needs of the classroom's atmosphere and the students' fantasies about classrooms. There is an unexplored captivation between students and classroom furniture. So, the design of classroom furniture should be innovative and creative, which realizes the fantasies of children about the learning environment. The furnishing of classrooms must be comfortable for the physical well-being of each student, which diffuses positive energy into the mind and surroundings of each kid.In the current scenario, introducing innovative classroom designs for institutions is necessary as it instils interest and creativity among students.

SEF shouts the slogan "Save Tree Program" initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) and manufactures mainly metal furniture. The wooden coat on top is made purely of plantation wood, and we make sure that not a single tree is cut for SEF. The metal parts on furniture are heavy gauge galvanized iron with powder coated finishing/ stainless steel.

We would proudly say our motto is purely about providing excellent service and maintaining a transparent and clean relationship with our clients. Competition in the field and obvious media influence in the current era demands a novel and colourful ambiance in the classroom and more attention to the classroom furniture than traditional wooden furniture. No matter if it is an international institution or a playschool, our services are impartial and trustworthy. In the last 14 years, we have proven our skills in over 1000 schools and colleges all over India. We render our services anytime, anywhere.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fully satisfy the educational needs of the greatest number of consumers by providing a sufficient and comprehensive product offering and to create value for our customers through Reliability and Flexibility. We strive to add value to education, consumers, and society as a whole through our products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the world's most customer-focused, innovation-driven organisation, offering a wide range of exclusive products, programmes, and services to help customers in education in their efforts to teach, assist, and inspire people they serve. We strive to be recognised for our quality of service, productivity, environmental stewardship, and ability to innovate.

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